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Mining Resource Base Zimbabwe (Mining RB)

Mining Resource Base Zimbabwe is a database of mining in Zimbabwe. It is a one-stop shop for all information and data requirements of the industry. The focus is on Mining and all related economic activities. It is targeted at all mining stakeholders, potential investors and other interested parties in Zimbabwe and international.

This portal includes manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, education and training, mining jobs, events calendar, knowledge resources, news, important notices, mining forum and more.

Information is presented in a clean and easy format. In the Business Directory and Classifieds sections of the portal, use has been made of relevant and appropriate categories and sub-categories to make it easy and efficient to access the information and data. The categories and sub-categories are based on mining in Zimbabwe. Cross-categorization has also been used to enable a single listing to be posted in relevant multiple categories or sub-categories. These multiple categories may be different products or services groups according to the company's portfolio and the classifications used on this website.


The Mining Resource Base Forum

Mining Resource Base Zimbabwe incorporates a community Mining Forum. Questions may be asked or discussions may be initiated by clicking on Ask A Question. Stakeholders and all other interested parties are invited to participate in the discussions as a community. The questions and discussions should be on mining in Zimbabwe and in the region.

This forum also provides support on any aspects of this portal in the event that there is difficulty or clarification is required.

Comments, feedback, suggestions and recommendations are also welcome on the Forum.


Advertising on Mining Resource Base Zimbabwe

Online advertising is free for up to three (3) listings. For other options, including managed advertising, please contact us on +263 783 362273 or [email protected]